3.6mm wear layer, 9/16" overall thickness, 7" wide, 7 foot long make these prodcuts durable and easy to install.


Baltic Wood S.A. is linked by its capital structure to the Nowy Styl group. The Nowy Styl group comprises 14 companies with distinct brands and product mixes.

All the materials used in making the Baltic Floor® are biodegradable, unlike laminated floors and carpets made of artificial materials. This means that if our grandchildren or great-grandchildren decide to alter the pattern of their Baltic Floor® parquet, the old floor will be utilised in an environmentally friendly way. The floating Baltic Floor® is not only human-friendly but environmentally friendly too... If you want beautiful wooden flooring in your house and you have an environmental conscience, then the floating parquet is exactly what you are looking for

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Galparquét was born in Al Pontes, Galicia (Spain) in 1999, with the aim of being the biggest floatin parquet manufacturer in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe producing around of 3.000.000 m2 of parquet a year.

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